About Us

Avenue Restoration Services Ltd.


When disaster strikes your home or office, Avenue Restoration Services LTD can offer you a full-service restoration. We will take complete responsibility for any cleaning, drying, and rebuilding so that you can return to living.

We fully understand that our customers are facing distressing circumstances. We realize their sense of loss and have compassionate toward their needs. We promise to work quickly to determine what needs to be replaced and what can be restored. We walk hand-in-hand with tenants and property owners through the remediation process, and we are qualified to assist in every imaginable way.

At Avenue Restoration Services LTD, we believe in making ourselves wholly available to you, our customer. You have entrusted in your home into our hands. You are counting on us to treat it with care and respect. You need access to consistent, reliable information. Sometimes, you need immediate answers. And we are here to serve you.

We know that effective communication is key to every important relationship. We believe in keeping open lines of communication continuous between you, us, your insurance provider, and other relevant parties who are actively involved in the restoration of your home. Please use the contact information provided below freely. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time, for any reason.




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