Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Care
AVENUE CARPET CLEANING has been servicing a large portfolio of satisfied and loyal residential and commercial customers for over 10 years.
Our staff is trained in all the aspects of carpet cleaning and repairs.
We use top of the line carpet cleaning equipment and technologies.

Hot Water Extraction is the most common and customer preferred carpet cleaning technology. Our carpet cleaning technicians are equipped with high powered truck mount as well as portable hot water extractors.

Encapsulation is a technology that uses crystallizing polymer that is encapsulated into carpets. The polymer attracts and bonds the soil from the carpets bringing them to the surface. The soil and crystallizing polymer are then easily removed by regular vacuuming. Encapsulating technology is the best choice for commercial applications helping:

•    Eliminate reoccurring spots and wicking problems
•    Fast dry times, carpet put back into service promptly
•    Large areas can be serviced quickly

Creating a maintenance program for residential and commercial customers that keeps carpets looking fresh and clean throughout the year and extends life of your carpets.
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