Mold Removal





Mold and mold spores cause many detriments to our health, like congestion, sore throat, and sinus inflammation. People with allergies, children and elderly people are most susceptible to these kinds of reactions to mold in their environment.

If you have had any recent water damage, you must ensure that your home or business dries quickly and completely, or else mold will have a foothold to grown on. Our water restoration specialists have years of hands-on, practical experience taking on mold and removing it. We have a team of professionals with proven abilities to approach their work promptly, with urgency and diligence, because they understand the need to get your life back on track immediately.

We perform a detailed investigation to determine what level of mold abatement is required. We can devise a written remediation plan to review with you. There are several ways to determine the degree of mold present. These are a few possible methods:

  • Visual Assessment
  • Using a borescope
  • Air Sampling
  • Thermo Imagery equipment


The Mold Remediation Process:

We will assess the damage to your property and the concentration of mold growth to determine the source of moisture that is feeding the mold—such as a damaged pipe causing a water leak–and repair it.

We establish a containment chamber and implement procedures that will prevent the immediate spread of mold. Our team and anyone who enters the contained area must wear proper safety equipment. To prevent mold spores from escaping containment, powerful air scrubbers and negative air are set up

The building materials hosting the mold is cut out or otherwise removed. It is then sealed in plastic bags and pressure washed with an antimicrobial solution. Then it is quickly dried and disposed of.

After all the mold damage is removed, the area that had been affected is sprayed with an advanced cleaning solution developed to kill its roots. Bleach is not an element ever employed in our mold remediation services.

The customer may opt for a mold blocker to prevent any further intrusion of mold




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